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Tube Stockist

Wellington Tubes Supplies (WTS) is the sister company to Wellington Engineering. WTS is a tube stockist who provide the following services

  • Cut Tube
  • Cryogenic Tube
  • Tube Stockists
  • Tube Supplier
  • Stainless Steel Tube Supplier
  • Short tubes, cut Tubes, Aluminium tubes, Brass tubes, Copper tube, Cupro Nickel tubes, Short run cut tubes

We carry a vast amount of stainless steel tube (grades 304, 316 & 321), copper (grades C106, C103 & C110), brass (grades CZ126 & CZ108) and 70/30 cupro nickel tube as well as aluminium ex-stk. Sizes range from 0.028” O/D up to 5” O/D with varying wall thickness in all grades. Our stock range is forever changing, therefore if your required size or grade is not listed on our download stock list, we will try and source your specific tube sizes though our approved worldwide supply chain.

In conjunction with Wellington Engineering, we can offer machining services of your tubes, should you have specific requirements e.g. holes, slots, mitres etc.

Whilst through our approved sub-contractor partners we can also provide polishing, roll and weld, tube manipulation, tube bending and coiling services.

If the tubes we supply your company are subsequently fitted onto Elbows, “T” pieces, KF or NW Caps or Flanges, we are happy to source these for you and supply with your order, thus enabling your purchasing team to place one order and cut down on administration costs. Please submit your requirements to us along with your tube enquiry. CLICK HERE

Flange Protective Cap Stockist

Wellington Engineering is a major player in the cryogenics industry supplying fully kitted parts or assemblies to our customer base. At numerous times our customers request for the flanges to be supplied with standardised protective KF flange caps. We can supply various grades of these protective caps which include KF 10, KF 16, KF 25, KF 40 and KF 50.


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