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Wellington Engineering has ensured to develop a seperate inspection department to cater for the significant industry demands to ensure high quality products. The inspection department is purpose built in a controlled environment and is equipped with high performance and specification calibrated inspection equipment. All equipment undergo regular calibration procedure in conjunction with our partner AQA, where all records are maintained on a portal system.


The range of inspection tools available include the following.

  • Digital Vernier

  • Analogue Micrometres

  • Digital height gauge

  • Pin gauges

  • Manual & CNC CMM Machine

  • Digital Micrometres

  • Digital bore Micrometres

  • Slip gauges

  • Thread gauges
    (Metric & Imperial)

  • Vision Measuring Machine (Shadow Graph)


Model Zenith Too CNC CMM

  • Stroke X – 1000, Y – 2000, Z – 1000 mm
    Year 2013
  • Type – CNC
  • Probe Head – RTP
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Scale resolution 0.0005
  • Temperature finish 22.5 deg C

Model Axiom Manual CMM

  • Stroke X – 500, Y – 540, Z – 450 mm
    Year 2000
  • Type – Manual
  • Probe Head – MIP
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Scale resolution 0.0005
  • Temperature finish 20 deg C

Profile Projector PJ300

  • Digital Optical Comparator
  • Imperial or Metric
  • Resolution 0.001mm/0.0001’’
  • Angular Resolution 1 Second
  • Table X and Y – 110 x 60 mm
  • Screen Diameter 300mm
  • X10  / X20 Magnification


Our trusted partners supplying us with top class technology, equipment and software to aid the inspection capabilities;


Quality Policy Statement It is the policy and objective of Wellington Engineering Limited to develop and maintain Customer Satisfaction through the supply of precision machined parts and assembled components on a sub contract basis, to a level of quality which satisfies the customer’s defined requirements. It is the intent of the Company that it’s management system will, at a minimum, satisfy the requirements of it’s customers, the EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard, and all legal and regulatory requirements.

All sales orders are subject to our ISO 9001:2015 Q.A.M.S. unless otherwise indicated by the customer or other interested parties.

All employees of Wellington Engineering Limited are instructed to work within this defined Quality System and through Quality Awareness the management team provide the framework for continuous improvement.

The purpose of this manual is to define the quality policy of Wellington Engineering Limited and to demonstrate how it is implemented within the organisation.

Quality objectives are regularly established, published and reviewed. All staff are expected to be aware of and work towards achieving them.


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